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      1. 中文版 | English | 加1收藏
        董事長致辭 | 興隆簡介 | 興隆榮譽
        高端支架閥 | 常規閥類 | 專利資質 | 下載中心
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        Contact us
        Address: Wuhu Machinery Industrial Park County
        Tel :0553 -8128777 0553-8768512
               0553-8768015 0553-8118716
        Fax :0553 -8128789 0553-8768516
        Website: www.taonanbao.com
        E-mail: xinglong168@126.com
        Zip Code: 24100
        About Us  
        Long-Long Group from the giant Giant Hydraulic Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd., Wuhu booming Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Anhui Kuala Mining Co., Ltd., Forging Co., Ltd. Wuhu, Wuhu Plating Co. formed from an area of 420 acres, the total assets of about 450 million Yuan, total construction area of 25 thousand square meters, employs 2,100 people; professor level senior engineer, senior engineer, engineers, technicians 155. In which 22 professional R & D personnel (including graduate students 1).
        Technical lead are:
        Professor Zhu Fengzhi (China Coal Research Institute senior engineer, presided over the successful development of mass production of the first set of hydraulic support, our country, "hydraulic support the national standard," the editor who presided over the successful development of hundreds of sets of brackets, but also as our mining support the formation of the first set of presenters; is the first batch of premium subsidy from the State Council member, won the super Ministry of Coal Award): Dan Renju Long Group Chief Engineer, responsible for the Group's product development, development work.
        Tian Run House senior (former Zhengzhou Mining Machinery welding experts, presided over public relations support of the first set of hydraulic welding 10000kN Expert Group): Dan Renju Long welding production technology of hydraulic support group overall responsibility.
        Xu Buzhi Senior Engineer (Heat Treatment has served as chairman of the Association of Anhui Province): Dan Renju Long Group, the total heat production technology leader.
        Senior Engineer Zhang into water (the original letter of major military enterprises in Chongqing Vehicle Co., Ltd. plating experts, presided over the major industrial group in Chongqing military products for electroplating production line design and build, host address acid mine Huainan Mining Bureau plating layer of high anti-corrosion technology) : Dan Renju Long Group plating overall responsibility for production technology.
        Li Fuhong Senior Engineer (thirty years of experience in developing hydraulic valves): Dan Renju Long valve product development group, overall responsibility for development of technology.
        Zhu reference group, Senior Engineer (twenty years experience in hydraulic valve technology): Dan Renju Long Group valves overall responsibility for production technology.
        Group headquarters and main production base is located in Wuhu Machinery Industry Development Zone, the temporary tourist attraction Huangshan and China's four famous Buddhist mountains - 160 km Jiuhuashan, Nanjing, 100 km, 120 km Hefei, Hangzhou, 200 kilometers, the entire highway, traffic and logistics is very convenient.
        Giant Long Group is specialized in producing mining mining equipment, accessories business, is the former State Coal Industry Ministry appointed the first batch of production units. Main products: hydraulic support mine; frame with columns, cylinders, jacks; coal mine hydraulic support using a variety of valves, pumps; reducer, transport and the gear accessories, PVC conveyor belts, high pressure hose, pipe Road accessories, auto accessories, such as 40 series more than 3000 kinds. Bureau of Mines and sold to each other more than 160 units of coal depot; 2008 sales of over 4.6 billion, including columns, jack sales 168 million, 138 million valve sales (including sales of 30 million yuan in Zhejiang) .
        Hydraulic Co., Ltd. which formerly Wuhu, Zhejiang Xinglong Xinglong Hydraulic Co., Ltd., since 1978, has been specializing in production of fully mechanized coal machine valve accessories, valve production history of more than three decades, is the first production machine valve fitting fully mechanized coal production one of the manufacturers, is the first designated the Ministry of Coal Industry was awarded the production units.
        To build domestic coal production valve fittings "aircraft carrier", the enterprises bigger and stronger, has always been our goal has always been relentless. Lung Group formed after the giant, booming investment of more than 8,000 million yuan, covering a total area of 100 acres, scientific and technical personnel and more than 980 employees, specializing in the production valve plant more than 50,000 square meters; equipment investment of more than 2000 million yuan, advanced machining centers and equipment more than 500 units, of which 75% of high-precision numerical control equipment or more; 6 sets of heat treatment equipment (including a multi-functional units are imported automatic heat treatment equipment), a fully automatic plating line, independently of various materials and parts of the heat treatment and electroplating process.
        High-tech testing equipment, testing equipment, testing more than 30 existing units, a high flow valve test units (maximum working pressure of not less than 62.5Mpa conditions, the output of emulsion flow rate of not less than 500L/min), effective on own production of 500 L / min, 630 L / min and other valve products, strict quality checks.
        Booming company mainly produces: electro-hydraulic control valve, high-end stent with a valve, control valve, check valve, pressure valve, safety valve, flat cut-off valve, ball valve, four-way valve, water valve , one-way lock, double lock, valve oil return circuit, original supporting valve, shuttle valve, the early protection valve, pressure valve, filter, foot valve, turn valves, control valves, unloading valves, three valves, spray systems , injection liquid gun, rod pieces together, slide, pump head, piston, gear, pipe fittings, totaling more than 30 series of 2000 kinds of products.
        Market-leading innovation, booming high-tech companies continue to develop and introduce new products: an independent chair mapping and production of import Hydraulic Valve localization, overcome technical problems, such as: electro-hydraulic control valve assembly, filter backwash, 1000 L / min safety valves, etc. for Datong Coal Mine Group, Ning Coal, Shenhua, Yanzhou Mining Group, and other units to provide the conversion of products imported valves; their practice performance equivalent to imported valves.
        With its thirty years experience in manufacturing valve products, the establishment of a sound quality management system, and enhance market competitiveness. Implement a single process, the long-term responsibility hand operation; from cutting, heat treatment, forging, drilling, punching, turning, cutting, milling, planing, grinding, to hair, plating, cleaning, assembly, pressure test, packaging and so on, all the completed their processing, without contract manufacturing, reducing the costs of logistics and transportation; quality standards under their control, per a process, layers of implementation of quality supervision, quality management into the process, ensure the stability of quality ; scientific management and complete production process of advanced equipment, based on individual technical expertise, reasonable posts, give full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of the production staff, so that equipment can be fair use, shortening the production time and improve work efficiency; prevention and reduce the scrap processing and reduce the loss of raw materials and reduce costs; annual production of 300 000 valve, pilot-operated check valves 150,000, one-way and two-way lock lock 200000, safety valve 300,000, 100,000 flat valve, ball valve 200 000 and other various valves 500,000. Annual investment of not less than 500 million of funds for valve production equipment updated to ensure that the annual growth rate of 30% and high precision products and quality assurance.
        In the north, northeast, east, central, southwest, northwest, south China, and Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Hebei, Anhui and other places were set up 28 offices and sales staff of 160 people, professional and technical services team of 80 people, to ensure that the new and old customers with the best all-round service.
        Xu Yaxiong China Coal Machinery Industry Association president, secretary of Anhui Provincial Committee and governor of the company and other major leaders have personally made an inspection tour. In Anhui Province, China Coal Machinery Industry Association awarded the "Quality Trustworthy Enterprise", "private high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province", "advanced collective in Anhui Province"; the Anhui provincial government focus on supporting enterprises. All products are awarded "Mining product safety certification mark", "production license", "National coal production units designated Comprehensive card machine parts", "major equipment in coal mines (Parts production) qualification certificate"; credit rating AAA level enterprise, and passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
        Group "Quality First, adhere to the scientific management, creating first-class enterprises, created first-class brand" for the purpose; people-oriented and talent, unswervingly take the road of Industrial Science and Technology. Adhere to the "customer-centric" business philosophy, relying on sound quality management system, strict management measures, advanced production equipment, strong technical force and perfect after service, has won a stable sales market, selling products in more than 200 Bureau of Mines and coal machinery, machine parts in the national coal industry enjoys a high reputation, by the users.
        We all staff with full enthusiasm, welcome all levels of leadership and the new and old customers to company guidance, valuable advice, so that our work in the future has been continuously improved and enhanced. Heartfelt thanks to our concern and support!
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